The Slap of Fate

Goliath Graffix was founded, by accident, more than ten years ago by Pasadena native Fred Tatlyan. At the time, Fred was a student in the Psychology program at UC Davis, headed for a career in medicine.

But the world had other plans for Fred.

One fateful night, Fred was called upon to handle the graphic design for a flier for a student organization. Fred did a fine job, and continued on with his studies as before. Fate had called, but Fred’s phone was on auto-forward to voicemail. So Fate left a message.

Fred was called upon to design another flier, this time by the school itself. Fred again did a fine job, and again continued on as before. Fate had taken a cab to Fred’s house and was knocking on Fred’s door. But Fred wasn’t ready to let Fate in. Fate left a slightly-irritated note hanging on the door.

Fred was called upon one more time to design a flier, this time by a local business. Fred once more did a fine job, and once more continued on as before. Fate had had enough. Fate broke into Fred’s place, stormed into his room, and blasted him with an open-handed slap across his face!

Fred got the message. He had to be a graphic designer! He founded Goliath Graffix the next day, and the rest is history.