Your brand is how the world perceives your company, so we strive to hit this one out of the park. All other marketing efforts flow from branding – it needs to be done right.

Our branding analysis begins as we study your company and your market. Don’t get upset if we keep asking “Why?” “Why?” “Why?” like children do – we need to zero in on the company identity that will resonate strongly with your market. We need to know as much about your brand as possible. We will know we have finished when we’ve gotten your brand drunk, and heard it spill its most embarrassing secret memories from its awkward years in junior high. Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell your customers.

We also seek to put ourselves in the shoes of your consumers. When we understand them, and when we know what matters to them, we can speak their language. Whatever their language is, we’ll translate it into branding and graphic design.

We let inspiration call up the qualities and images that will marry your brand to your market. We want to help your company communicate the right message, and do it clearly. If necessary, we will modify your speakers so that the volume dial goes to “11.”

We promise, your market will hear you.